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Digital Marketing Services

Veeam Techno is a reliable digital marketing agency that will help you strengthen your online visibility and improve ROI. We believe in delivering result.

Why Choose Us?

Veeam Techno is one of the best digital marketing agencies in India. We plan, create, and execute multi-channel digital marketing services and ROI based campaigns across Social Media, E-mail, SEO, SMS, and Google Ads.

Reach your target audience, achieve growth targets and engage your audience with Veeam Techno.

  • Best ROI Techniques
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Unique Sales Funnels
  • Aggressive A/B Testing
  • High Lifetime Value
  • Extensive Strategy

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of our digital marketing services where we help you manage your campaign more effectively and efficiently.

Social Media Marketing

Your business needs an experienced digital marketing agency to handle your social media that integrates across different channels.

Lead Generation

Leads generation, being the first step in bringing customers to the company. Our leads generation services offer you increased number of targeted and qualified leads in B2B and B2C markets.

Marketing Strategy

Strategic Marketing is the use of marketing disciplines to achieve organizational goals by developing and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Search Engine Marketing

We are PPC experts and as a digital marketing agency we help you gain market share by leveraging our expertise.

Email Marketing

We curate email campaigns to boost your ROI by increasing brand awareness, boosting conversions and retaining customers.

WordPress Web Development

Are you looking for a Marketing First website that ranks well, loads fast, converts better and looks modern? Well click the button below and let’s start talking.

Content Marketing

Creating content and amplifying through our Content Lift platform are two of our digital marketing services that targets your audience precisely.

Graphic Designing

Veeam Techno offers award winning graphics design services to help you create dynamic and eye catching displays and exhibits.

Digital Marketing Consulting

We help you build a robust marketing strategy by analysing your current position in the competitive market and your target audience.

Our 8 Step Process in Creating Digital Marketing Strategy

Define Your Goals

It’s impossible to measure your success without having goals in the first place, so make sure you take the time to define some concrete, time-limited goals.

Define your audience

The next step is to do some thorough research and really understand your audience – who they are, as well as their wants and needs.

Research on competitors

We do competitor analysis to check the model of their work and the level of success they own with it, will help in shaping realistic and perfect strategy.

Decide the channels

There are many different types of digital marketing, and even the biggest companies don’t do all of them. As your online presence grows, you can always expand into other areas.

Plan the budget

We as a reputed white label digital marketing agency always value the money you spend on us. We analyze the ROI expected from the campaign and decide the budget that suits your capability.

Plan Your Content

Whatever digital marketing strategies and channels you choose to concentrate on, you’ll need content. However, you should always prioritize the needs of your customers and audience when it comes to creating content. 

Create/ update your account

In this step, we will create new social media accounts for you. Or already if you have social media handles we will rework them.  In the process, we make sure no profile area is left without filling and keywords are used in the content to get you available in the search results. 

Experiment, Adapt, Adjust

Your digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to be this perfect, set-in-stone rulebook to which you have to abide. Not at all! Think of it more as a framework for your goals. Be brave enough to experiment and constantly be aware of what works and what doesn’t. 



At Veeam Techno, we are passionate about digital marketing. We create successful campaigns and help our clients grow. Our expert team handles PPC, content marketing, and effective marketing funnels. With our comprehensive solutions and strategies, we are a top digital marketing agency in India. Let’s connect and achieve your marketing goals.

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